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18 OCTOBER 2018


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Monday, 06 February 2017 16:22
How shall I write my entry? - Let me count the ways

Reminder: Entries close in just a few days. Don't miss the February 15th deadline

There is no perfect entry. No definitive winning proposition. No absolute for what to put in and what to leave out.
his is particularly so for The Loyalty Magazine Awards, because so much is a matter of opinion. Very loud heated arguments take place during the judging over the importance of analytics over emotional engagement; of value to the retailer over incentive for the customer; of value of reward to perceived importance, (such as a special ticket, or a tier).

Our 20 judges rarely agree on these points, but one aspect seems to cut through the dissent and the disagreement. Suddenly a potential winner comes to the fore and amazingly around the table, there are smiles of agreement.  Hands go up in unison, and the casting vote of the chairman is rarely needed.
So what is it about a winner that unites the judges?

It is a little trite to say it is brilliance, but this is often the case.
•    outstanding delivery;
•    a proposition that raises the bar;
•    memorable marketing
•     a thoughtful application
•    a ground breaking new loyalty programme;
•    a long term programme standing the test of time.

Data, numbers and statistics

•    Very importantly for all entries is the inclusion of data and supporting evidence.
•    By how much has customer loyalty increased?
•    How valuable has the programme been for the customer facing organisation?
•    In what evidential way has the proposition proved its worth.
•    How did you measure it?
•    Against what is it comparable?

The entries that win have been written by people who manage to describe their programme with flair, to reflect pride in their work, and to explain in what way they have achieved something special.

However technical, specialised, analytical or complex a loyalty proposition, in order to be successful, it has to be embraced by customers who love it. If in your entry, you can convey this important mix of the emotional with the scientific, then you are a long way to being a winner.

Is there any more we can suggest that might help?

Some of the judges may not be familiar with your programme. Make sure you explain it carefully. But don't be verbose. Brevity is a virtue, and judges will appreciate you getting to the point.

Start with the heading, and then write the 50 word description. This will help you to identify what is the really important and possibly unique aspect of your entry that you need to get across. It will also help you to write the summary. After that, the 1000 full entry will be easy.

Share marketing material, images, perhaps even a video. It all helps to bring your entry to life.
Don't forget: Entries close on February 15th so please hurry up. You will regret it if you don't enter.

For more details contact Maxine Wernick:
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Tel: +44 (0)1472 820088

The Call for Entries can be downloaded from where you will find a large amount of other information, and the Entry Form

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