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23 MARCH 2019


Friday, 03 November 2017 14:10
Comment: I’m in love with Apple
I admit to having a long-term affair with my technology provider. It has stood the test of time with surprisingly few wobbles. From the moment I saw that first little box that revolutionised the advertising agency world and media production in general, I was hooked.

I was an early user of an Apple Mac to design pages – an unheard of occupation for a journalist until then. I had a (fairly clunky, but cool at the time) portable Apple computer, I was quick to buy the first Apple iPhone and I watched fascinated in a coffee shop as a guy played with the first iPad on the day of launch. I didn’t understand the concept then, but I marvelled all the same.

Waxing lyrical
The BBC recently poked fun at the effuse language of tech journalists talking about the new Apple Iphone X with reverence.

A more cynical BBC’s Leo Kelion wrote “With the top-end model costing £1,149, customers are paying a premium to swap their fingerprint sensor for a facial scanner and the ability to make an animated monkey or poo emoji copy their bemused looks.

“In opting to refer to the model as "ten" rather than "x", the firm has also thrown its naming convention into a bit of confusion - will there ever be an iPhone 9 - or indeed IX?”

The Wall Street Journal comments that: “The iPhone X's new design - a 5.8in, edge-to-edge display -has raised hopes that it can reverse Apple's fortunes in China, where sales have fallen six straight quarters. Chinese consumers are more influenced by a phone's appearance than consumers in other markets, and Apple had kept the same appearance for three years.

The Financial Times wrote:” All the focus today was on the innovations in the X. But it all made the new 8 look like a rather boring, "plain old" iPhone - and the price for that has just gone up $50 as well.”

But I am with Techcrunch which commented: “The X is the best iPhone, no questions, and it's quickly jumped to the top of the best phones, period. Yeah, it's going to cost you, but you already knew that.”

Exactly. People will buy the iPhoneX because it is the best. Quirky, of course, ground-changing, absolutely, disconcerting – what did you expect? This is Apple.

If Apple didn’t push the boundaries, no-one else probably would. The rest of the industry just rushes around trying to keep up, and it raises the standard for everyone.

Simply the best

I love Apple because its products are the best. In the same way that I prefer to buy the best clothes labels, cosmetics or motor car. They cost more because they feel good, and they deliver back to me many times over in return.

Interestingly, I have never really understood what to do with a new model until I have owned it. It takes trust.

I aspire to own the latest Apple iPhone; I have recently bought a beautiful, tactile, thin AppleAir. I am writing this at my huge, reliable workhouse of a desktop Mac.

Not once in our long relationship has Apple ever made me tempted towards disloyalty. There is no contract. I won’t have to pay for the divorce, but I won’t go. Not unless it lets me down, and there is no sign of that happening yet.
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