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23 MARCH 2019


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Monday, 16 April 2018 00:00

The Global GDPR Report: Answering the Big Questions

Designed to address the challenges and opportunities of GDPR, The Global GDPR Report: Answering the Big Questions is a vital resource.

Many organisations are struggling with GDPR compliance in what is a very complex process.
The report saves you time and trouble by simply explaining the major issues, and answering your questions on the contentious GDPR questions.

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The report highlights the two main questions around GDPR that must be addressed with urgency:

• Is your organisation compliant and, if not, what must you do to become compliant?

• Do you see the opportunities arising from GDPR?

With this report

Articles from data experts discussing the impact of GDPR in areas including:
• The Top 10 GDPR operational issues that face organisations of all sizes  (page 6)
• Will compliance take place at a national or country level? (page 6)
• Is there sufficient guidance on GDPR from EU and national regulators? (page 6)
• The potential of GDPR to become the de facto global standard for consumer data protection (page 7)
• How will the introduction of GDPR affect eCommerce companies? (page 7)
• What payments companies must do to comply (page 8)
• The conflicts between GDPR and PSD2, and how the two will operate together (page 9)
• GDPR and major incident reporting (page 10)
• GDPR could decimate loyalty numbers (page 11)
• What does GDPR mean for restaurant loyalty schemes? (page 12)
• The marketing opportunities that GDPR will facilitate (pages 12 & 19)
• Best practices that companies should use to keep their data protected in the GDPR landscape (page 13)
• The key GDPR changes to the original Data Protection Regulation (page 14)
• Can retailers take a risk-based approach to comply? (page 15)
• Nine myths about GDPR (page 16)
• A data compliance checklist (page 17)
• How organisations obtain consent to use a data subject’s information (page 18)
• The penalties for non-compliance with GDPR (page 19)
• When something goes wrong, who in the organisation should be first to act (page 20)

• What are the main barriers to organisations complying with GDPR? (page 21)

• GDPR compliance levels by industry (page 22)
• How to conduct GDPR-compliant surveys (page 23)
• The effects on email marketing (page 24)
• Managing third parties under GDPR (page 25)
• The impact of GDPR on the live data market (page 26)

The report looks in detail at these factors and many others to assess how GDPR will affect all organisations handling EU customer data. It is designed to act as a guide for companies and organisations of all types in addressing the challenges of GDPR and embracing its opportunities.

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